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Fresh Meat Bondage Sex

Posted by cucumber under Divine Bitches

Aiden Starr breaks in a newbie slave with stressful bondage, feminization, humiliation, pussy worship and slave sex.


The secret Divine Bitch femdom society meet again for their second meeting of the year and this time around use their golden showers to cleanse the disgusting male soul. Jay Wimp is up for sacrifice representing the male ego and given a beating that leaves him covered in femdom piss and marks. This is the first time ever on Divine Bitches that we give you pathetic slaves the honor of watching our golden nectar leave out beautiful cunts. Jay is whipped, caned and humiliated mercilessly. He is strap-on gang fucked by all the Goddesses while we open his asshole, fill it with piss then fuck it relentlessly! Not to be missed!


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