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The Black Queen and the Essence of Man

Posted by cucumber under Divine Bitches

As this kinky adventure continues Lorelei Lee finds herself in the lair of the Black Queen portrayed by Maitresse Madeline. Hungry for the Essence of Man, Kip Johnson is whipped, beat, humiliated, pegged and caned for the pleasure of the Black Queen. His throbbing cock smashed under her boot. Lorelei Lee finally succumbs to the Mathmos of the planet and uses Kip for her own desires. Made to worship her pussy and ass, Kip is ultimately used as a human dildo. Her true plan is finally revealed, the Essence of Man is milked for every drop by the Black Queen Maitresse Madeline.


Jay Rising gets caught sniffing panties in a lingerie store and is severely punished in the back room by the devastatingly sexy and mean lingerie store clerks. Jay is stuffed full of viagra. While the babes wait for it to take effect they whip, beat and humiliate him. He’s lead to believe he’s going to be used as a sex slave but they smash his cock in a see through cock smasher and tease the hell out of his viagra throbbing cock. His cock drips with cock fluid aching for any attention but the girls just keep sitting on his face making him worship their pussy and asses and leave him there a dripping, throbbing, squashed mess!


Passing by the same construction site I always do on my way to work I get oogled and hollered at by all the sweaty construction workers. This gives me a great idea. Since all men are pigs I think of a great scheme to make some easy and fast cash and I use this Divine Bitches to help.

Jay Wimp is brand new to Divine Bitches and I decide to dress him up as a girl, teach him to talk dirty and suck cock and pimp him out to the construction workers for blow jobs! He makes a pretty ugly woman so I don’t think I’ll be able to charge a whole lot but that just means he will have to work extra hard sucking a whole lot of cock just for me!

Watch Jay go through his transformation and training. He gets a harsh beating, a humiliating ass fucking and is made to suck gimp dick as training. He even is made to eat the cum out the gimps cock! So disgusting!!


Imagine a world where gorgeous, seductive, teasing, horny, bossy, beautiful women tease, edge and milk you for so long that your balls become filled bubbling over with hot sperm that you would do just about anything and I mean anything just to pop! Welcome to my very first FemDom Edging and Teasing Test Shoot! I thought there was no better place to test this out then here with my beloved Divine Bitches members! The possibilities to tease and edge are endless! Think slow handjobs, fast handjobs, silky stocking handjobs, prostate milking, vibrators on cocks, cock stroking fuck machines, erotic electricity and juicy cyber pussies all wielded by the hottest femdom Bitches you’ve ever seen! They are in control of when and if you cum!

For the very first one I wanted to use nothing but my sexy feminine power and my magic fingers that have become legendary in making men squirm in their seats begging to cum! I bring newcomer Conner Maguire to the Armory to taunt and tease. Connor has never been with a femdom before and I promise him an experience he never forgets. I edge him for hours until finally I let him blow his wet aching load!!


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