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LAMENT: A Ghost Story

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Halloween is here again and this time I bring you LAMENT: A Ghost Story!! Gabriel finds himself lonely in a porn theater waxing nostalgia over his three missing girlfriends. Is he the one to blame? Will justice ever be served? Gabriel’s deep seeded kinkiness comes out as he day dreams about each of them coming back to haunt him and give him the proper femdom treatment or is this really all just based in reality? That is for YOU to decide! Bondage, humiliation, wicked tease and denial, spanking, flogging, CBT, foot worship, strap-on ass fucking and aggressive dominant sex are all included!

Divine Bitch: Mistress Dragonlily
Slave: Scout

One last mistress and Scout is on his way to Maitresse! Dragonlily is sensationally sexy in this episode humiliating Scout about his inadequate penis and teasing and denying him in his chastity belt. The tough bondage, spanking and whipping, strap-on ass fucking are all hot but when Dragonlily desires an orgasm she teases Scout to complete frustration where he actually believes he is going to cum in his chastity belt without any stimulation at all!

Tune in to Scout’s last day in training and see what Maitresse Madeline has in store for him!

Maitresse’s Evaluation


  1. stimulation with pain
    stimulate cock in belt while receiving pain
  2. mummification
    give up control
  3. tease and denial
    for amsument

Closing assessment

  • cock retreats from pain
  • nervous from mummification
  • possible removal of chastity for final training day

FemDom POV: Putting YOU in the hot seat!

Posted by cucumber under Divine Bitches

This weeks update is a new style of interactive femdom putting YOU in the hot seat! Have you ever imagined what it would be like for Mistress Lorelei Lee to dominate you? Have you ever longed for her to take control of your cock, your masturbating habits and your mind??!! You will wait no more! Sit like a good boy and watch and learn as Mistress Lorelei demands foot worship, ass worship, devotion, wicked masturbation instruction, strap-on ass fucking, paddling, spanking and using your cock as her sex toy! Don’t get too comfortable slaveboy, Mistress Lorelei Lee owns your cock and your orgasm and only she can determine when your allowed to cum!


Cuckold Gangbang

Posted by cucumber under Divine Bitches

The last time we saw the sexy Annie Cruz was the Men In Pain days and now she’s back hotter and more sadistic then ever! Annie picks up a sexy bar owner in front of her boyfriend and humiliates, whips and clamps him while he’s made to watch her suck the bar owners much larger cock. He’s tied on his back and strap-on ass fucked while Annie and her new fuck buddy humiliate him. Her boyfriend confesses how much he still loves her and starts to get hard! Annie knows he secretly wants to see the love of his life get fucked and cum by another man since his much smaller cock can’t please her anyway. Her boyfriend gets that and more when her fuck toy invites all his friends over for one big cuckolding gang bang! She reminds him how much she loves him the entire time and even makes him the center of a hot circle jerk. Then she marks her territory by cleaning all the loads of cum off his face with her own squirt!

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